More Information about the Golden Stilt

fight for the Golden Stilt in Namur in front of 6000 spectators

The Fight for the Golden Stilt takes place on the third Sunday of September in front of 6000 spectators. This fight, the most prestigious of all, allows to designate the best stilt fighter of the year.

On this occasion, fifty odd jousters meet to determine who will have the honor of having the golden stilt and this for 1 year. This manifesto is accompanied by an enthusiastic crowd massed in the town center. Each supporter has his team and his colors.

Having for 2 days strolled around the towns streets, the two teams find themselves confronted face to face on the "place St Aubain" for the final joust.

stilt walkers fighting for the golden stilt

The gold stilt combat is fought traditionally in two parts :

In the 1st phase, after the salute of the Captains, the two teams engage in open combat in a giant scrum in the town center. As things move along, the weakest fighters are eliminated and gradually only the strongest are left standing. Finally, one of the two teams, by its technical and physical prowess as well as its organisation eliminates the other team

Once one of the teams has won the joust the final phase starts : the bout-à-tot. The jousters still standing engage in a joust between themselves to designate the champion. The last jouster still standing receives the golden stilt offered to him by one of the towns personalities for one year. Second prize wins a silver stilt.

 Hall-of-fame of the golden stilt.

two stilt walkers of Namur fighting