Our Stilts

There are many differents types of stilts out in the world. These can be resolved to two main types:

The first stilts are fixed to the legs and leave the hands free for the user. This type of stilt is ideal for sprints and long distance or acrobatics of which the landaise is the typical example.

french stilts

The 2nd family groups the stilt picked up and standing on a skate. 

You won't be surprised to know that the Namur stilt is best adapted for this thus allowing one to slip off the stirrup when falling.

stilts of Namur, model unchanged for five centuries

The actual combat stilts are copies of the original stilts that can be seen in the Museum Groesbeeck de Croix (Namur). Certain minor changes have been made.

Further Information on the Namur Combat Stilts :

  • The wicker handles which once orned the stilts have been removed due to their fragility
  • The stilts now measure 202 cm.
  • The typical element of the combat stilt is a metal stirrup fixing the body of the stilt to its base. This system holds the foot in place without affixing it to the stilt situated at 84 cm.
  • At ground level at their inferior extremity, the stilts are ringed in vue of limiting abrasion and insuring adherence on certain surfaces.